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HyperStake is an advanced blockchain platform that provides generous rewards to users for securing the blockchain without the need for complicated mining equipment. HyperStake focuses on being the leading Proof of Stake currency to use for long term value storage. Rewards help ensure that your cryptocurrency portfolio is being put to work instead of laying dormant and potentially losing value. Advanced staking tools within the wallet allow users to have complete control over their staking strategy and ability to maximize investment returns. HyperStake has the most advanced wallet and tools for staking available anywhere.

Proof of Stake Consensus

HyperStake uses a proof of stake based consensus system is designed to reward long-term participants within the HyperStake ecosystem. Rewards are based on the amount of coins that a user holds, as well as how old those coins are. Larger and older blocks are more likely to stake.


HyperChain provides the ability to securely communicate between devices running the HyperStake wallet. Secure communication between users can occur between single users or between groups. HyperChain provides a platform for users to create channels that broadcast signals and data into HyperStake's blockchain. It allows for small amounts of immutable data to be added to the blockchain. Only HyperStake users will be able to securely communicate with each other.

Voting System

Many popular digital currencies have difficulty with governance and how to make decisions on changing aspects about the coin. HyperStake seeks to solve this issue with the implementation of an immutable voting system, which is accessible to any user that actively stakes. A proposal is made based on an identified issue that a user or group may face and is added to the blockchain to be voted on. Users with the most to gain or lose from important decisions about HyperStake will be those with the largest sway on the overall vote.

Getting Started with HyperStake

Have questions on how to get started with HyperStake? Refer to either our written or video guide to help with set up.

Written Guide

Video Guide

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HyperStake is availlable now on Cryptopia, Bitcoin Thailand, and Coin Exchange.


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HyperStake Wallets

Download our wallets available for Linux, Mac OS, Windows, and Raspberry Pi or build it from the source. HyperStake is open source and available on GitHub.

Windows Mac Linux Linux ARM (Raspberry Pi) Source Code


Download the bootstrap file that contains the raw HyperStake blockchain data. The bootstrap is automatically updated periodically and is a quick and convenient way to sync your HyperStake software.


Block Explorer

The block explorer provides a convenient way to search for transactions, blocks, and address balances without downloading any software.

Block Explorer

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